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Yin: Demystifying the Feminine

What is the Yin? Yin is the feminine to the Yang’s masculine, the receiver to the giver, the passive to the aggressive, the dark to the light. The Yin is the seemingly contrary, and opposite force that functions complementary to the Yang in all aspects of reality. It balances us in chaos, and is the pure essence of femininity.

Femininity is the counter balance to masculinity. If masculinity is the embodiment of drive, ambition, success, leaning forward, achievement. Then femininity is the opposite. It is patience, observation, waiting, acknowledging, and responding. It should not be mistaken for passivity, but more so recognized as responsiveness. It is not inaction, but going with the flow.

Unfortunately, when most are asked to picture or describe femininity the first few descriptions are generally comparisons to celebrities ranging from the past femme fatales of the silver screen, to modern day powerhouses such as Beyonce or the sultry smoky Lana Del Rey. Again, just like masculinity, femininity has been packaged and attributed for consumption rather than the intangible yet accessible essence it truly is.

Who is Feminine?

Like masculinity, femininity is present in both men and women.
Femininity is the predominant essence in some gay men and women ( to include femme lesbians). With that, you find that femininity has acquired a customized definition, and has almost become a point of shame or weakness if one were to identify with it. It has become highly misunderstood in our time, and is being increasingly discarded as useless and pointless especially for the busy lives of the Working Woman. Natural responses are “Who has time to be cute/coy/*insert some misrepresentation* in a time when our civil rights are almost in question?” I whole heartedly agree with the sentiment, and admire the women who posit this. However, dismissing of femininity as something disempowering rather than the true [bottomless pot of power] it truly is is unfair, and highlights how misunderstood it really is.

Rethinking Femininity

As millennials and women of all ages we are being told to “lean forward” (masculine essence) in the work place, it’s becoming increasingly common to take the some approach to different aspects of our lives- namely Relationships . Truth is what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. The solution to the misplaced leaning forward is just the opposite “Leaning back”(feminine essence).


Leaning Back

“Leaning Back” is letting the masculine lean forward and pursue you. It is observing and seeing if your needs are being met, rather than making demands that your needs be met. Its is accepting or rejecting that treatment that you get in a relationship, rather than establishing boundaries. They ultimately discourage any masculine energy from pursuing a potential land mine. It is being grounded than being swept away by the sweet, but often empty words. It is letting the emotionally unavailable man walk away out of his own choice ( which will be new to him) rather than pitifully chasing after him. It is acknowledging and honoring your domain of power. Its becoming the Queen of your existence and reigning over your mind emotion and treating them with the tender love and care they deserve.


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