Who is the Overthinking Woman?

I am her, and probably so are you.


You’re good at solving problems, and natural trouble shooters. Give you a job, and  you get it done. We proudly identify as intellectuals, and success isn’t an option, but a way of life. Our achievements define our purpose in life, we ushered in Women’s suffrage, and are galvanized by opportunities to shine. We’re the hardworking, leaning forward bosses. We command respect, and we earn our accolades. The world isn’t handed to us, we grab it by the pussy. We’re the Get Shit Done Tribe-we’re here to fuck your world up. Our motto: If I don’t do it, who will?

Reality is- while you are really good at work and achieving… you are also a little lost. In private, you over-analyze, stress, and strive incessantly almost to the detriment of your sanity. We have had our hearts broken, and you may even be on the heel of a break up right now. We go on dates, and dates…and dates but can’t seem to catch the relationship. You research, read, and study new methodologies to figure out happiness.We have read checklists, and the plethora of guides to help us catch, convince, and keep the man of our dreams. We can recite whether or not he’s just that into us, and can tell you how to think like a man. We dress the part, we look the part, and god knows we speak the part- rarely do get to the “good part”. We’re practically professional bridesmaids and wedding guests. We’ve got the insight scoop on singledom. You starfish on your bed when deep down you would rather be the little spoon. We cuddle with Mr Snuggles secretly hoping for him to transforms into Mr Right. You can almost recite your collection of the ever plenty Mr Emotionally Unavailable, but we have no clue how we got all of them. Or on the flip side we might be in a relationship that doesn’t measure up. Therapy doesn’t feel right, the meds feel like overkill. You hoped the therapist would just shine a light and help you find the fix, but yet here you are talking about why you hate your mom and wish dad wasn’t such an asshole.

We’re beautiful, we’re smart, we’re good at what we do- even if it’s failing in love. If this had you laughing, nodding, and a part of you wondering how I know it’s because you’re not alone. We’re here-You’re home.

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